Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Operation Camel Back

(The Curious One's back, Aries "D" front right, Kasbah with chips, A.K. at con)

We have a new DJ on Freedom Radio. A.K. has all of two shifts under his belt. He's very funny and has a great spirit. The problem!!! All of his great qualities were not transfering over to his radio personality. So the team, minus A.K. came up with Operation Camel Back. We wanted to shock his system. Losen him up. So we did what any other DJ serving in Iraq would do. We brought in some near beer and chips. Enjoy!

(A.K. and Kasbah shotgun near beer)

(The whole gang)

(Aries "D")

(Nicky Kurtz)


Big E said...

of all people on this planet, for you to use a NASCAR title for your show is simply shocking. I am shocked. Shocked and awed.

AFN Broadcaster said...

Well...what ya gonna do? Maybe if you got off your talented Canadian ass and came over here, you could help!

Big E said...

Canadians have a strict non-interference policy on all things that require war/violence/raising voices/taking a stand, so my answer is...maybe?