Saturday, November 17, 2007

Next Stop...AFN Vicenza

I haven't been to work in well over a month. There are positives and negatives to that. The family and I are headed to AFN Vicenza (Italy) in two days. I'm not sure if I will have a morning show or not, but I am pretty sure I will be able to continue the radio marathons we had over at Freedom Radio. I really hope that all of my new friends who helped out over in Iraq are equally friendly and want to help out in Italy. I know it's not the same hardship duty!

So what do you say? Are you on board for the second annual: Memorial Day Countdown, Firecracker 500, and Labor Day A-Z??? You can either drop me a comment, or send me an e-mail:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kasbah Radio On Break

Well, I'm back in the states. I will be in Italy by the end of November. Hopefully, I will pull a radio shift there too. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now on TV

My friend asked me in one of her comments...
Just finished watching "The Quiet American." Anyhow...despite Brendan Frazier being a bad actor in the made me think about combat journalism and what stories you might be covering. Are you allowed to tell us what kinds of stories you're covering in the news over there?

So I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell you what YOUR military is doing over here and then show you how Freedom Journal Iraq is covering it. We're right in the middle of the "Surge of Operations." These operations are designed to seek out and remove Al Qaeda in Iraq, rouge and splinter groups of the Jaysh Al Maddi, Iranin Cupds Corp, and any other enemy of Iraq or Coalition Forces. The success of these operations by themselves will not result in a victory in Iraq. Rather, they will provide the time and space needed for Iraqi lawmakers to develop a fair and equitable Rule of Law and enable Iraqis take the lead in their own country. Freedom Journal Iraq is committed to highlighting success and progress being made by Coalition and Iraqi Forces...Kinetic and Non-Kinetic. Kinetically, we continue to detain insurgents, capture or kill terrorists, find weapons caches, and drop bombs on the bad guys. These type of operations is what you generally see in the media. However, you see all of the negative fall out from it. Here is what you missed:

With every victory on the battlefield, more and more local citizens are stepping up to defend their own cities. There is a buzz surrounding "Concerned Citizens." The Commanding General in Iraq, Dave Petraeus routinely walks through neighborhoods which months ago were ravaged by insurgents and zapped of their livelihood and shows the progress being made. You may have never heard about how cities up and down Iraq are returning to "normal!"

Last week we highlighted all of the Non-Kinetic success in Iraq. We had the Army Corp of Engineers, Gulf Region Division come in and talk about all of the electricity sub-stations, water systems, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure projects completed and under way in Iraq.

Of course we also spend a great deal of time talking about capturing high ranking Al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. We have two ways of telling this story. One is called a Look Live that we package in our newscast and send out to the Pentagon Channel for broadcast. The other is a brand new element called the "Raid Report." This product is a true testament to the quality of broadcasters I have on my team over here. I basically said, "Hey, I've got an idea...I think it should look like this..." Those who know me, I like to pretend I can draw, so I took my recycled paper on my desk a drew a rough sketch of what I was thinking about. This is the final result:

Final Thoughts:
No matter what side of the political agenda you find assured the men and women of the Armed Forces are making a difference in Iraq. You'll have to make up your own minds as far as the current political climate. REMEMBER TO VOTE!

By the way you can checkout FJI 24/7 on the MNF-I website Last night's cast is posted. I'm on Wednesday's cast.

Kasbah Radio Back On Freedom Radio

I will be pulling three shifts during the Labor Day 72-hour Mega Mix A-Z show....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Firecracker 500 Pics

-clockwise from 12-AK, Aries "D", The Curious One, Kasbah
Here are a handful of pics from Freedom Radio's Firecracker 500. ENJOY!

-Counting Down The Greatest Hits of ALL TIME!

-Aries "D" counting them down...all the way to #1

-A.K. Making magic happen!

-New to Freedom Radio...Joy (ps..totally single!)

-Kasbah and Aries "D" Japanese Style

-The Curious One...what a trooper...he worked the 2-6AM shift both nights!

-Kasbah and Joy wrap things up...until Labor Day!

Friday, July 6, 2007

I've Been Promoted!

I was pretty bummed when I found out I didn't get promoted to E-7 this cycle. I studied real hard, but not hard enough obviously! Seems I wasn't the only one who felt pretty bummed. One of my new friends Ron Phillips (VO-BB), jokingly said he was going to get me way or the other. I assume this is "the other" way he was talking about. All laughs aside, I'm very honored for this promotion. In fact, so was my Chief. He called everyone to attention and read the below letter.

I think if anyone, my Uncle Jim will be the proudest of this promotion. He's lived in Kentucky for like "ever!"

With this promotion comes the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken and a lifetime supply of Kentucky Moonshine. I can only share the later with all of you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Firecracker 500

Well we are 24-hours into the big show. Here is a link to a 4mb audio file of the first 24-hours...Here is a promo pic too!

Operation Camel Back

(The Curious One's back, Aries "D" front right, Kasbah with chips, A.K. at con)

We have a new DJ on Freedom Radio. A.K. has all of two shifts under his belt. He's very funny and has a great spirit. The problem!!! All of his great qualities were not transfering over to his radio personality. So the team, minus A.K. came up with Operation Camel Back. We wanted to shock his system. Losen him up. So we did what any other DJ serving in Iraq would do. We brought in some near beer and chips. Enjoy!

(A.K. and Kasbah shotgun near beer)

(The whole gang)

(Aries "D")

(Nicky Kurtz)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Firecracker 500

Well...we're gonna do it again. This time 50-straight hours of radio broadcast. We're going to count down the 500 greatest songs of all time. Rock, Pop, R& doesn't matter, we'll add them to the list and make it happen. Freedom Radio and The 4TH of July...Two great things that taste great together.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Memorial Day Pics

Well we all camped out at the station over night! Tonight's low...95! It must have been around 100 in the room I splept in. I went down around 11:30, then up again at 4:10AM. Here are a few pics from over-night.

Kasbah and Triple F

Triple F clock

Triple F setting up

OOPS! My Butt

Micah's clock

Micah introducing a song!

Kasbah and Micah attempt Charlies Angels!!

The Memorial Day Countdown

Kasbah at the world's most heavily armed radio station...

Jim Ayers...Top

Kasbah and Ayers 10AM

Luscious Linda around 3PM

Kasbah and Luscious around 5PM

The Curious One George Solis...6PM

Kasbah and The Curious One...6:30PM

The Curious One reading from the board.

Freedom Radio kicked off 36-straight hours of EPIC rock broadcasting this morning with song #360...Tom Sawyer by Rush. Here is a quick look at the fist 10-minutes of the show. CLICK HERE!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Greatest Rock Songs...EVER

Freedom Radio is just two days away from the 36-straight hours of EPIC broadcasting. With the help of a ton of professionals...this show is going to be AWESOME! Here is a sample of what you'll miss if your dial isn't tuned into the Station Just For You!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Live From Studio 2B

Feel free to call ME! East Coast Friends, my show starts at 10PM
West Coast Friends....7PM


Freedom Radio's Memorial Day Countdown

The station just for you is counting down the greatest rock songs of all times!

(Insert New Logo...Coming Soon)

This is going to be an epic production. I sent out a call to action and it was answered. More than 24 professional Voiceovers replied with a "yes...we'll help!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spreading The Good Word!

Today I did a phone interview with WOR 710, New York City. This is the first of many interviews I've lined up for the entire radio crew. My radio news guy, George Solis is from the Bay Area of Cali...and soon he'll be on KSFO 560. My afternoon DJ, Linda Camspey is from SoCal, and I'm trying to get her on the World Famous, KROQ 106.7!

If you want to here me talking and making stuff usual, click HERE!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Up & Running

Well I've been in Iraq for about two weeks. I really hit the ground running. Almost a complete over-haul of programming and station imaging. I've also met several great industry pros. Both in voice over work and commercial radio.

I've devised a plan to host 36-straight hours of radio over Memorial Day to count down the best rock songs EVER! To make this an EPIC event, several of my new friends have offered to help. AWESOME! More to come.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Kasbah Radio...Coming Soon

Kasbah Radio is coming to 107.7 Freedom Radio. Mornings 6-10!